Packaging & Delivery

Every package of our fruit, whether Private Label or Townsend Farms, fresh or frozen, contains a Produce Traceability number that points to the farm on which it was grown. We do everything we can to prevent issues from the source. But if a problem ever does arise, it can be traced and resolved immediately.


Our frozen products are individually quick frozen (IQF) at the peak of ripeness for ultimate flavor and texture. We fully own our processing facilities and observe the strictest manufacturing guidelines to package year-round in a tempered room. Our user-friendly, zippered polybags are lined to maintain freezer freshness and meet FDA and USDA guidelines for food contact.


We hand pick, package, and time delivery of our fresh products for ultimate quality at the store. [need info here on packaging used for fresh products – clamshell? etc.]


We deliver around the country through our own company, Townsend Trucking, as well as through our select trucking partners. Deliveries are precisely timed for both frozen and fresh products for the highest caliber fruit possible.