Townsend Farms’ commitment to sustainable agriculture goes one step futher with our Organics line.

All of Townsend Farms’ products have always been cultivated using agricultural best practices and sustainable techniques. We operate from the viewpoint of family consumers as well as grower/producers. Our certified Organics Division brings that commitment to the next level for our customers wishing to find an alternative to conventionally-grown produce.

Currently, Townsend Farm Organics are available in frozen blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries. Our organic products are grown on our farm in the Columbia Gorge, and on the farms of selected growers, in accordance with the regulations set forth in the Organic Foods Production Act. These regulations build upon our overall commitment to ecological balance and resource cycling, incorporating the use of natural fertilizers and planting methods.

We are officially certified through the Washington State Department of Agricuture. The WSDA Organic Food Program protects consumers and supports the organic food industry by ensuring the integrity of organic food products.

Benefits of Organics

Higher vitamin and mineral content
Reduced exposure to synthetic pesticides
Less fossil energy consumption