Frozen Products

Townsend Farms is the largest family-owned grower/processor in the Pacific NW

Our full-line facility includes 5 receiving stations across the region, ensuring timely processing and delivery of our product.

Combining a century of family farming expertise with advanced processing technologies ensures Townsend Farms can provide the highest quality product available. Our product is picked at the height of ripeness and flavor and immediately individually quick frozen (IQF) to lock in that fresh-picked taste.

We inspect each fruit to maintain the highest standards of quality for color range, percentage of defects, and flavor. Only products that meet these specifications are taken to the line where they are dispersed on a stainless tray and rinsed to remove dirt and debris. The product goes through a second inspection at this time and products that continue to meet specifications are sent through the freeze tunnel for IQF.

We pack this product in 30lb boxes to be inspected again and subsequently re-packed for private label or industrial use. Townsend Farms handles all re-pack and delivery for our buyers.

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For more information or to purchase our frozen products direct in bulk, please contact us or call 503.666.1780.